Thursday, June 07, 2007

our newest project

c/o jason
1012 avenue i
Brooklyn, NY 11230

My name is YussieWolf and i am in charge of doing events for the Young Israel of Flatbush. We are doing our 2nd annual camp packages project. We are putting togetherour camp packages for kids who come to our center and kids with cancer. We will be making about 150 bags which will be 75 for each. We will be looking for anything from stationary products, to travel games, card games, cute little knick knacks, cosmetics for kids or teens, novelty products, plush, sporting good products, etc.. We are hoping we can get everything for free so there is no cost for this project, since we are donating them to the kids and not selling it for money. We will need all products by June 15th or so, so we can give them out before the kids leave to camps or on trips. Any questions please email me at or

The Young Israel of Flatbush is a non profit that does many different event for all kinds of kids. We do a toy drive, which we now collecting around 18,000 toys, for five years now. We have many programs at our building including karate, dancing, weekend programs, arts and craft nights, costume parties, charity events, etc,,, So we do four big events a year and this will be a third for 2007, with the last and final one being our annual toy drive.

The following is the address where all products should be sent:

jason wolf
c/o yif
1012 avenue i
brooklyn ny 11230
to see last years pictures of us putting together the packages heres the link. the cancer camp does not take pictures of the kids due to contracts with parents:


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