Thursday, February 12, 2009

winter 09 reviews

Zoobie Pets

Bedtime is now fun time in my house with Zoobie pets.
My children love the idea of snuggling in with their very own bed time buddy.
My 4yr old daughter who is quiet the little monkey herself has grown attached to Mashakah the monkey from the safari collection. Meshakah is also good for long drives and much needed nap time. The blanket zippers in for easy storage and you don’t have to worry about where you are going to store it when your little one wakes up. It goes right into Mahakah’s tummy and makes for a very snuggly friend.
Going to bed is no longer a drag because it is now a safari adventure. Jafaru the giraffe is also part of our family. He goes to bed with my 7 yr. old daughter. After a hard day at school, she can stretch her imagination as high up as his neck and settle in for playful dreams exploring all she can see from way up. The detailed stitching on these critters are so lovely, it really makes me want to go get one all for myself.
I highly recommend Zoobie pets for every gift occasion. *****

Tziporah A. Jaeger.
Mother of two, ages 7 and 4.

Think big with WalkAroo II By air Kicks, GEOSPACE.
These stilts really excited the neighborhood children. It occupied them for nearly two hours, and they could have kept going.
Taking turns, the kids outside ages 4 – 12 had a blast. They stomped around discovering a new world way up high as they towered from above.
The stilts encourage motivation for coordination and balance. This is a fun way to get your little one to slow down and focus. The only trouble I seem to be having now is keeping my little ones out of my top cabinets! It looked like so much fun I couldn’t be left out. It is challenging and very rewarding to master this skill. The rubber feet lets me be worry free about scuffed floors and enables me to just sit back and literally watch my children reach for the stars. It was a little difficult for my younger daughter but after a little practice she caught on. Seeing the older children master it really helped.****

Tziporah A. Jaeger
Mother of two, ages 7 and 4