Friday, October 29, 2004

october toy and games


First we got two new games out from Hasbro, one is trivia pursuit: the 90's version and the second is called Marry, Date & Dump- a new and exciting game. We also reviewed some actions figures from Star Wars and G.I. Joe! Here is what we thought of these games:

Marry, Date and Dump is a very interesting game for teens over 16. Its fun, creative and interesting to say the least. The basic point is that the one whos turn it is picks a card which has three peoples names on it (could be celebrities, political figures or other powerful people). He/She has to figure out which one he/she would want to marry, date and dump. Then the rest of the people playing will have to guess which of the three he/she picked for which. If you guess it right you win that round! We tested this on teenagers and on young adults and it did better with the teenagers because they are use to this game already. We always played this when we were kids, girls or boys, who would you sleep with or date, etc. This game retails at $24.95 and is for ages 18 and older but we think 16 and up is fine too. We gave this games three and a half stars for its fun value.

The next game teenagers today will love is the 90's version of Trivia Pursuit. "Finally a version we should be good at" said a teenager who recently tried it out. Afterwards he said "It's still not that easy to get all the answers but its for sure much more fun than other editions we have played in the past." The 90's version is obviously the same style as most older versions just updated with questions pertaining to the 90's. We personally loved this game because it brings memories of the time of our lives we loved most, or just remember the most of. Some of the most interesting stories of our time (we are all in out twenties) happened in the 90's so it might be a little easier to remember the answers. We gave this game three stars for its entertaining value.

Finally we have some new and old action figures from Hasbro to review. The newer ones are the new series from G.I. Joe called "Valor VS Venom." Each pack comes with one good guy and one bad guy and their weapons. As a kid growing up on G.I. Joes these are smaller in size but they come now with a lot more weapons or accessories. We give these much cooler version three stars for its new touches they now added on. Finally the old action figures are the remakes of the original trilogy star wars figures. We got Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca. So these reissued or remake figures are as cool as the original series and of course are still collectibles but they do seem smaller too. I think they are making a lot of figures these days smaller than the old ones. So for all the Star Wars fans out there this is a must have this holiday season especially before next year when the next film of the series comes out. We give these figures three stars if you are a collector and two stars if you are not for its collectible value. For more information on these or other great products from Hasbro, check out their website at

Upper Deck

What use to be the #1 favorite card manufacturer in sports is now branching off majorly in the non-sport and trading card game industry. Now we reviewed one new edition to an ongoing series and three new series. Here is what we though of them:

First with the comic world coming alive these days through motion pictures and TV Shows, Upper Deck decided to try their hand at a new trading card game called "Vs. System," which is a comic oriented game with both Marvel and DC characters available now and other companies to come soon. Each of these Upper Deck Marvel Origins decks are factory-sealed. Upper Deck Entertainment brings the characters of the marvel Universe to life in this exciting new trading card game. Enlist heroes and villains such as Wolverine, Hulk, Magneto and Captain America and battle to victory! Marvel characters are extremely well known, and are featured regularly in feature films (Spiderman, Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men), on television, in video games, and of course in comic books! Next generation game design is easy to learn and provides strategic depth of play. Every card features high-quality original artwork, and these cards are compatible with other Upper Deck Entertainment Super hero TCGs. The set consists of 143 Common Cards, 77 Rare cards (one per pack), and 143 parallel foil cards (one per pack). They also have DC decks which we did not receive yet. We showed this game to a comic fanatic and the second he started reading these cards he fell in love with it. The comic fanatics gave this game three stars for it fun and creative values. They said they play this game over and over again whenever they can because it makes them try out different scenarios.

Next you have Yu-Gi-Oh its an old series but a new set called "Ancient Sanctuary." The object of this games is to win a Match against your opponent. Three main card types are used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Cards, Spell Cards, and Trap Cards. Additionally, each type of card is divided into further subcategories. For now, just read the card descriptions. Later after you will familiarizing yourself with the Phases of Game play you will understand the special role of each of the cards. This new series adds more fun with more cards, our opinion the more cards you have the more you can do. The more traps you can set and the more weapons you can use and of course the more monsters you will have. There will never be a boring phase as long as they keep on bringing more cards into the picture like they have been doing until now. So with the unlimited amount of fun one can have with this game we give it four stars and look forward to reviewing more decks and the Soul of a Duelist coming out soon.

Finally with all these types of role playing games Upper Deck has two more we would like to mention. One is for girls, so now you gals cannot complain, which is the Bratz game. The point of the game is to throw the coolest dance party ever! Get the Bratz dressed in far-out runway-ready fashions and to the Dance Floor before the Clock marker hits midnight. Players use three types of cards in the game: Bratz Character cards, Fashion cards and Party Power cards. Use your Party Power cards to increase your point values, roll the die or search your deck for specific Fashion cards. Listen to your friends answer a super secret question on the Bratz Character cards. The Fashion cards showcase the hottest Bratz pants, shirts, accessories and shoes! Girls love the Bratz Dolls because of their personalities and cuteness so of course they will love this game. We gave this game two and a half stars for its cute value. Then the final game is a role playing game for younger kids like ages 6-10 based on the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Game play is fast and furious. Use characters, weapons, and various martial arts moves to get past your opponent's blocks and cause him to deck out. This game was not as interesting to me or even my little brother who is nine but it still did good with most kids 6-10. We gave this product two stars for its fun value. For more information on these or other great products from Upper Deck check out their website at

Sababa Toys

Sababa Toys is known for remaking classic toys with new twists and licensed characters of today. The first set of products we will review is a few collectible Simpson products. First they sent us a few Simpson Woolly Willy's. For those who do not know what a Woolly Willy is, its those sketches of characters in a plastic case with little magnetic strips or dust. It comes with a magnetic wand that picks up the dust and you try to make for the character some hair or facial hair. Its always funny when the original character is bald like Homer, how he would look with different hair styles or facial hair. So we gave this to a Simpson fan to test out. She told us that she had so much fun with this product, that she missed some of her favorite shows. Its more exciting to most when they are bored but kids love this and could play it for hours. We give this product three stars for its fun and entertainment value. The second Simpson product is a Simpson uno set, which will be a hot item this Holiday season for all the Simpson fans out there. This is a must have if you love the Simpsons. Its the regular uno game just it has pictures of all the Simpson characters on it. We gave this product two and a half stars for its are work.

The last product from Sababa toys that we reviewed was the Shrek 2 Magic Eight Ball. Remember growing up and asking all the questions to see what the magic eight ball would answer? Well, the Magic Eight Balls are back but with a twist, it has answers geared towards the licensed character on the box. So this particular one has answers from the movie Shrek 2, like "What the Shrek?", "I'm all Ears" and "No, go far, far away." So now when you ask questions they will be more funnier. We gave this product three and a half stars for its fun and entertaining values. For more information on these and other products from Sababa Toys check out their website at

Here is a link to some pictures: Shrek 2 Magic Eight Ball Simpsons Uno:

Spin Master

From the creators of very unique and fun toys, come a few new products that your kids will love. We have the Wiggles Guitar, Aquadoodle and Might Beanz Bodz that we will review, now here is what we thought:

Until about a year ago I have never heard of these guys or their TV show but now they are everywhere. Spin Master has a few wiggles toys but the one that sticks out for me is the Guitar. I gave this product to my nephew to test and we kept it in my house for when he comes over to play with. What a mistake I made!!! From the moment he come in the first thing he does is play that Guitar until we figure out ways to get him away from it. But he plays it and dances to it for hours and hours. The cool part besides the guitar singing is, if you stand it up straight the guitar handle will dance and wiggle. My nephew sits there hysterical laughing when the guitar wiggles and then dances and sings the songs with it. So if a company can make a toy as annoying as that, then we give it four stars for the kids fun and excitement they get from it.

Next we have the Aquadoodle, which is a mat that kids can have hours of fun by using magical pens. The magic water pens get refilled with water and are mess free. So moms you will love this product since this product is a new innovation in art activities, Aquadoodles uses a patent technology that allows children to draw mess free using the Aquadoodle mat and magic water pens. For the magic water pens, you just add water and kids can doodle all day without messy or expensive refills. Kids can trace the alphabet, learn shapes and numbers and create their own unique designs over and over again. Tested this with a few kids between the ages 3-6 and they all loved it and their moms of course love the mess free part. We gave this three stars for its creativity value. You had to see what these kids came up with in their drawings. For more information on these and other products from Spin Master check out their website at