Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here are some toys good for kids ages 3 and up

Lisa LeLeu Studios, Inc., which is Introducing Diggity the Dog, a Lisa LeLeu Puppet Show Book awarded Top Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. The book set includes a puppet, the story “Let’s Go Camping,” a story starter, and a coloring book that teaches dog bite prevention. For all ages (SRP: $19.95).

We liked this product because of its iinteractive with the kids and it gives them more to work with for their imagination. It also helps the story telling grab the attention of the kids for a longer period of time, since its like a puppet show too. This puppet books series comes with five different characters and stories. The stories are connect by velcro so you can interchange them whenever you want. Also the story starter is where kids can make their own stories and then read them over to someone so you get some creativity with this product too, We give this product three and a half stars for its creativity, imagination and fun values. For more info log onto their website at

Next we have:
Neat-Oh!™ International, LLC, which is introducing the ZipBin™ Mansion looks and plays like a dollhouse. Unzipped, it’s a “multi-room” activity surface with built-in closets for doll accessories. Throw a rooftop garden party, lounge by the pool, entertain, dance, have a fashion show. When finished, kids just zip it up for quick clean up/storage. For ages 3+ (SRP: $24.99).

We actually liked this products for its travel capacity and that it allows kids to have an imagination on the go. They can use it at home, in the car, at a hotel, or even outdoors in a park. Most of it is made of material so there is no parts to swallow, so it safe for your kids too. We also like the fact that it zips up and forms a box for storage so there is no real way to lose the toys (although you never know). Also there are different types of sets like a doll house, a farm, a train set, etc..At the toy fair this year we watched the retailers and press reporters play with it after watching a short demostration and they all fell in love with it for their kids or grandkids. So after looking at it and testing it out with kids and teachers. We give this product four stars for its travel, creativity, imagination and fun values. Its a new unigue way of play that is good for the one the go family too. For more information on these products you can check them out at

Finally we have SoftPlay which is the leading producer of early language development interactive cloth books and felt playsets geared to the expanding infant and toddler market. Licenses under SoftPlay include Fisher-Price, Sesame Workshop, Teletubbies, Clifford the Big Red Dog, VeggieTales and Disney's Winnie the Pooh. They are made for ages from birth and up and they cost from around $9.95 and up.

We got a few of these different types of books and we love them because of the cloth and foam material they use to products them. We gave them each three and a half stars for their creativity, fun and imagination values. Here are the types of books we got:

We first got a Lift and Look book of colors, which young readers will love to LEARN using the soft, lift-out pieces that are featured in the Lift And Look books! The shiny, foil-enhanced pictures and fun, interactive apporaching to learning is sure to delight young children and keep them busy - and learning - for hours! In this book you get to see
big foam pieces that lift out to reveal different colors! Its for ages: 2 and up and costs about $9.95

We also got a Sesame Street interactive cloth book which babies and toddlers will get a jumpstart on learning with this line of interactive soft cloth books. Children lift flaps, feel textures, and play as they learn with each title. These soft cloth books promote independent play and encourage the growth of imagination and early language development through familiar stories and themes. Soft Cloth Books explore the world around them and learn valuable lessons about counting, colors, vehicles, animals and everyday activities. Each book is surface washable and comes in a clear carrying bag for easy travel. For ages: 6 months and up and costs about $11.95

Finally we got a little softy book which Each cuddly book has six pages that are colorfully decorated and illustrate simple images a baby can recognize. Each Little Softy book features a loveable, touch and feel animal character on the cover and a delightful rhyming story on the pages inside! The colorful plastic rings can be used to attach the books onto the shopping cart, a stroller, high chair or a car set. And surprise! – there’s a rattle in every book. This is for ages: birth and up and costs $11.95

For more information on these or other products from Soft play check them out on the web at