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vtech learn and play spell board

Sunday, December 03, 2006

holiday 2006

First we will review the products from V-tech which is the creator of the We reviewed that last year and we hope to do the Baby this year and the V.flash later on this year or early next year. So here is the review for their holiday products.

SmartVille: ABC Post Office-- Special Delivery! Make learning a priority with the SmartVille ABC Post Office. Unlike the bulk of play sets, the ABC Post Office gives your child a first class learning experience dispatching lessons in letters, sizes, colors, animals, sounds, and role play. The ABC Post Office includes 3 "Smart Parts" which talk when they are placed in hot spots throughout the post office. Weigh, stamp and send packages or run them on a conveyor belt. What's more, the ABC Post Office "Smart Parts" can be used with the deluxe SmartVille sets including the Alphabet Train Station and the 1-2-3 Treehouse. Manufacturer's Age: 12 years and up

Kids will love this product because they get to learn about all sorts of things at once. They learn about shapes, sizes, colors, animals, sound and most of all about the post office. Parents love this for its educational value and we gave this three stars

Write & Learn Letter Pad-- A wonderful interactive learning aid for preschoolers. Colorful laptop packed with 30 engaging activities.Teaches language, math, games and music. Detachable mouse and pad designed for left- or right-handed user. Through interactive play, kids will be on their way with this fun writing pad! This tutoring tool shows kids the proper stroke form and encourages them to practice over and over in the erasable writing space. Or, change modes to learn letter order. The third mode introduces free play and gets them to use their imagination! Manufacturer's Age: 3 years and up,

We love this product since it lets kids imagine things in different ways whille learning how to write. The best mode is the one that lets you make write and makes you practice, it until you get it right. We think it would be better if it came with some way to attach more activities. We love the shape of this product and that its a lap type of desk so your child can you it anywhere, including the car, plane, or train. You see we give this product four stars for its fun and educational values.

Write & Learn Spellboard Advanced-- The Write & Learn's touch-sensitive spell board teaches children how to print letters, numbers and even keeps them in the loop with cursive writing lessons. The LCD screen recognizes your child's handwriting and encourages their efforts as they perfect their penmanship. The Write & Learn Spellboard Advanced also teaches children how to spell 3 to 6 letter words with 12 learning activities. Comes with 30 pre-printed worksheets, 2 writing pencils and an interactive drawing area. Parent-friendly features include auto shut-off, volume control and durable design. Manufacturer's Age: 6 years and up

Like the letter pad the spellboard advance teaches you kids how to write and spell. It also checks their penmanship and helps them perfect their handwriting. So parents love this product because it teaches their kid and takes over for a tutor or extra classes for some people. Kids love it because of all the activities and extra's that come with this product. They also like it that it helps them learn how to spell. So overall we give this product four stars for its fun, educational, learning and imaginative values.

Here is the rest of the products. Quiz Biz™ – Word Play---Kids won’t feel jilted with this full-tilt learning toy. Sleek, slim, and sensational, kids think cool while Mom thinks school and all the lessons you can chalk up with the Quiz Biz – Word Play. With Quiz Biz, whiz kids can test their skills in spelling, vocabulary, logic and problem solving with 20 learning games. And this slick handheld toy comes with a snappy wrist strap and a built-in motion sensor that allows gamers to answer questions by tipping Quiz Biz from side to side making playing all the more fun! 2AA Batteries Required Suggested Retail Price: $14.99. We give this product three and a half stars for its fun and educational values

SmartVille - Musical Band Stand™---When it comes to learning, the SmartVille Musical Band Stand puts your child center stage! With 3 interactive Smart Parts that talk and teach when placed in key hot spots, this smart set leaves other play sets behind the crowd. With fun animal characters, your child can find their beat on the drums, take a turn at the mic, or line up for concert tickets at the pretend ticket booth. The Musical Band Stand teaches music, instruments, tempo, animals, sounds, and role-play skills. And, the SmartVille Musical Band Stand Smart Parts can be used with the deluxe SmartVille play sets including the Alphabet Train Station and the 1-2-3 Treehouse. Suggested Retail Price: $12.99. We gave this product two and a half stars for its fun value. For more information on these or other products from V-tech check out their website at

Next we have products from Learning Resources which is a very fun and educational company. Here are the reviews:

Pretend & Play Office Space---Everything kids need for a pretend day at the office is inside this official-looking briefcase. Realistic 74-piece set includes a planner, pretend stapler, cell phone with sound, ID badge and many other office essentials-even a stack of write-and-wipe paychecks and refillable crayon "pen"! Briefcase measures 11 inch x 9 1/4 inch x 3.75 inch and is made of top-quality nylon for durability. Cell phone requires two AA batteries, not included. Manufacturer's Age: 3 years and up.

Think about this a kids pretend office kit? We all grew up with products or kits of certain proffessions but this is a new one. We all remember the Doctors kit, the carpenter or constructsion work benches, and etc.... But now you can be like the average joe and pretend to run an office. This is a unique product which we think all kids will love but not sure if all will want it. We give this product three stars for its fun and imaginative values.

Smart Splash® Memory Match Clams
Make the bath tub or your sand and water table come to life with these fun clams! Includes six, two-piece clams in three colors with two small fish, crabs and starfish hidden inside to help build children’s memory skills! Made of soft, mold- resistant plastic, each set comes with a convenient mesh storage bag. This is for ages 2-5. We love this products since we can do many different things with it. We can play a matching game where we can test their memory, we can test them by asking what color is what. Of course, the kids will love this toy just to play in the tub. So this can be a very fun and educational item. So we gave this three stars.

Finally the last product is Math Marks the Spot™ Game-Shake, roll and race! This oversized mat game will have your kids begging to practice their math. Roll the soft foam numbers and operation dice and race to find the answer on the oversized number mat! This durable vinyl mat features all the answers (sums and differences) to addition and subtraction problems that use numbers 1 through 6. Includes 3 dice and 28 cardboard game markers. This is one FUN!!!!!!! game for kids of all ages, although its recommended for kids ages 5-8. We had one parent tell us how they loved this product because it did not only make learning fun but there kids actually got the answers right and it made them think. So we give this product four stars for its fun, educational and learning values. For mor information on these or other products from Learning Resources please check out this website at

Next we have the different versions of scene it, which is a dvd board game.
NK Scene It Nick Box Game
Fire-up your Nickelodeon knowledge, brush up on your Grossology and watch out for the slime, because Scene It? has gone totally Nick! Sponge Bob, Cosmo and Wanda, Jimmy Neutron and all your favorites are now in one incredible DVD game. Race friends around the board with real TV show clips, trivia questions and a ton of on-screen challenges from Avatar, Danny Phantom and more. Scene It? Nickelodeon, it's one jelly-fishing, air bending, ghost-grabbing good time!
Game Includes: Game DVD, Party Play™ Flextime® Game Board, 4 Collectible Metal Tokens, 160 Trivia Cards, 30 Slime Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 1 Six-Sided Numbered Die, 1 Eight-Sided Category Die, Instruction Sheet and over a thousand Nickelodeon scenes, stars, characters, images and trivia challenges
Manufacturer's Age: 7 years and up. This product will be on any Nick fans wish list for the holidays. This is a must have product for any fan. We gave this product four stars for its fun value.

Scene It Disney Game Pack---The magic happens the second you open the game box. Scene It? Disney features real clips and characters from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies, trivia questions and other on-screen challenges guaranteed to keep your family smiling play after play. "What is the name of Aladdin's monkey-" "Which Dwarf doesn't have a beard-" Because the trivia cards include questions for adults and separate ones just for kids, Scene It? Disney is the perfect game for family fun time. Manufacturer's Age: 7 years and up. Growing up a disney fan this was an amazing game to play because of the interactive part of the game. You get to see clips and other items from the different disney and pixar movies from the past. We love the graphics too. We give this product also four stars for its fun and interactive values. For mor info on these or other scene it products check out

Next we have products from the makers of Bratz, MGA Entertainment. They have some really cool products besides for the Bratz Dolls. Here are two reviews on new products:

Bratz Forever Diamondz Doll--The girls with a passion for FASHION always shine, but now they have an extra sparkle! These glam girls YASMIN comes with a unique gift for you - a real diamond pendant! Each diamond comes with a certificate of authenticity, proving that diamonds are a BRATZ best friend! Manufacturer's Age: 6 years and up. These dolls are amazing as usual they come with the most accessories a doll can ask for. Here are a few features dolls come with: Real Diamond Jewelry for You & Your BRATZ™, Ring Becomes Doll's Necklace, Bracelet Becomes Waist Chain for Doll, Necklace Becomes Hair Jewelry for Doll, Diamond Comes with Certificate of Authenticity , Sparklin' Fashions Seen in the Bratz™ DVD, Bonus Snap-On Bare Feet. We love these products because with all these accessories and clothing its like a mini person, instead of just a doll. So we gave these dolls three stars for its fun value.

Finally we have the Storytime™ Collection Classics-- Turn the pages of these books and discover two new friends! Each of your favorite storybook heroines comes with a cute, furry little friend for you to play with, once upon a time...Story Time Collection Little Red Riding Hood™, Book, Plush Wolf and Basket. We give this product four stars for its fun, cute and unique values. For more information on these or other products from MGA Entertainment, check out there website at