Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Our first ever Video Game review,

Halo 3 is a First Person Shooter video game set in the Halo Universe. It was developed by Bungie Studios and published by Microsoft. Halo 3 concludes the Halo trilogy by wrapping up the story that the previous two games began. It involves John-117 or the Master Chief joining forces with his previously sworn enemy, the Arbiter, returning to Earth to stop the Prophet of Truth from activating The Ark which if activated would in turn exterminate all forms of life in the universe. The Master Chief must also retrieve Cortana from the clutches of the dreaded Gravemind and, as in the previous games, he must contend with the arrival of the Flood on Earth.

Halo 3’s campaign may not top the original Halo’s epic story mode but, in all honesty, neither does anything else. Halo, one of the greatest games of all time, cannot be matched, and Halo 3 does not attempt to do so. The campaign is an enjoyable mode that does not try to outdo its original. The newly added 4 person campaign feature is a perfect way to make up for any of the game’s shortcomings with hours and hours of fun with multiple friends. On top of that, the point total mini-game adds a little extra competition for you and your friends. Now you can see who can accumulate more points while you’re working together to beat the game, and who doesn’t appreciate some extra competition amongst friends? But… Let’s be honest, who bases a Halo game’s value on its campaign mode. That’s right, Halo’s always exciting, always enjoyable, always intense multiplayer is back, and it’s back with a vengeance! Halo 3 brings back all of the good features that made Halo 2’s multiplayer mode one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time and attempts to fix all of its flaws. The new weapons, vehicles and maps together with some revitalized returning ones give Halo 3 a new and improved feel with a strong connection to what made the previous games such successes. But wait, there’s more.
Halo 3 comes complete with a map editor! That’s right, a map editor! If you get bored of playing the maps the way Bungie made them, or get tired or your friends exploiting cheap little mistakes on maps during custom games, FIX THEM! Edit the maps to your liking and the game will never get old. Where to go from there? How about to, “Halo 3, now you’re just showing off.” Ever have an amazing kill, a funny sight, an unbelievable moment that you just know none of your friends will ever believe? All you hear is, “yea, I’m sure that happened, great for you.” All of that comes to an end in Halo 3. After one of these unbelievable things happen, simply just wait for the game to end and go into the theater and save the film of the game so that you are able to cut the clip out and message it to your friends later. That’s right! I said, cut the clip out of the game film and message it to your friends. Make these unbelievable moments believable.

Halo 3 is a great addition to any gamer’s library. It lives up to its namesake and is a great way for the Halo trilogy to finish. The best way to define an amazing game would be to say, “many new games come out all the time, and while they may capture your attention for a week, a month, or even a couple of months at a time you will always return to just one of them,” and that’s Halo 3.

fall 2008 products

Due to personal circumstances I did not have time to write up some reviews from the spring, so I apologize and here they are:

We start of with a company that i grew up on Playmobil, its like having you own little town of people and you are in control of what they do. I mean they have made every thing you can think of up for kids to imagine with. There is pirates and treasure hunting, there is police, fire and paramedics to save the town. There are hotels, stores, bars and etc to make streets, oh and of course houses, mansions, parks and skyscrapers. There are also cars, boats, yachts and planes to travel in. So that is part of what makes this company so special for kids. The cornerstone of all Playmobil activities is the two and three quarter inch figure which can bend, sit, stand, turn its head and move its arms. The hands, which can grasp, rotate and carry accessories, are what make realistic play possible. The figures also have a smiley face that suits just about any play situation. All Playmobil men, women, children and animals are compatible will all other Playmobil vehicles, accessories and environments.

The first set we will talk about is the Circus Ring set.This is a fun Circus Ring with trapeze artists. Seats approximately 30 visitors. The opening of the big top is adjustable. Includes 7 characters. LED lights. Great for imaginative play. It also come with ticket booths and all the right pieces to make this circus look realistic. The thing we love about this company is the add on sets they add to it like for this series you can add on more people who can come visit, animals to be in the circus, the different acts, clowns, and the places where one stores the animals. We gave this to a kid ot play and came back hours later and she was still playing with it and not bored at all. The only bad thing about these sets, which is not a bad thing, is that you need more add ons or sets to really enjoy playing with this. We gave this product four out of five stars for its imaginative, fun and creative values.

Next up we have the Horse Farm Pony ranch. This is a real fun set for those kids who love farming or animals, especially horses. Every Pony Ranch needs a farm. Horse Farm comes with three figures, two horses, a pony and kiosk. Lots of accessories are included. Though the actual product does not look like a farm it looks like most stables. So its part of a farm. Again this product is great for kids to play with for hours but when you add the extras on it will make a whole different world. We love these products and they are very cute. It comes with everything you need to make a stable work. Recommended for ages 4 and up. We give this product three stars for its fun, creative and imaginative values. Its just not as exciting as the circus. For more info on these or other products from playmobil please check out their website at

Next we have International Playthings Inc. The primary mission of IPI is to deveop and supply innovative and entertaining products with superior play value and chile developmental qualities to consumers. They have many different companies they represent and many different products they manufacture. We recently reviewed one of their products and here is the review:

Imaginetics are very cool products with a cool concept but not unique. This product ischunky, sturdy magnetic pieces that kids can move around on a colorful playboard to creat stories and play games. These play sets are perfect for keeping your kids busy while you travel. The one we revieved was a Thomas the Tank Engine set, which comes with Thomas and other characters from the book/tv series which your kids can make different scenes up with their favorite engine. These products are perfect for kids 3 & up. We give this product three stars for its creative, fun and imaginative values.

Techno Source is the next company we will talk about. They introduce a new version of an amazing product thats been out for years, its called Rubik's Revolution. Test your speed and smarts with this new spin on the world's #1 cube game. An electronic version of the best-selling Rubik's Cube. Multiple challenging levels. 6 addictive, fast-paced electronic games in one. Games include Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Code Cracker, Multiplayer Madness and Cube Catcher. Features lights and sound effects. Conquer one level and the cube unlocks another. Take your cube concentration to the next level - but watch out, you may not be able to put it down! We tried this game and we had to have it pryed out of our hands for us to stop, even though we did not get past level 2!!! But we give this product three and a half stars for its fun, family and challenge values. For more info on this or other products from Techno Source please check out

Finally for now we will review products from Think Fun!!! Its the amazing company that brought you Rush Hour and Tip Over.

First we got the game called Serpentiles. In this spatial visualization game the winding path must begin and end at the same place, creating a continuous, unbroken path. Using the challenge cards, players select the appropriate tiles, and then begin to line them up, green against green and blue against blue. This game has some major twists and turns. Which is why kids of all ages love this game and parents love it because it make the kids think of what to do next. Made for ages 8 and up. We give this product three stars for its creative, fun and challenge values.

Next is the game called Ducks in a Row. This competitive board game is like a wacky version of checkers. Kids will giggle at the colorful beach board and plucky duck characters. After deciding whether they want to be the duck that surfs or the one that water skis, the two opponents face off, and try to be the first to line up four ducks in a row. Players can move up and down, side to side, and diagonally, but they can't jump themselves or their opponent. A fun strategy game, players have to pay attention to their opponent's moves, as well as their own. Another one of their wonderful games that kids are challanged with. The kids can play this game all day long and switch characters on and off and not get bored. This game is for kids ages 5 years and up. We give this product a four stars for its fun, creative, family and challenge values.

Last but not least we have a game called Top This. This is where you will be challenged and delighted in this game that confounds your ability to visualize and match patterns. Game cards specify different orange and blue puzzle shapes. You must create identical shapes by stacking orange pieces on top of blue pieces, or vice versa. This surprisingly tricky game will have you slapping your forehead in happy exasperation. Intermediate and expert levels offer more challenging fun with greater numbers of game pieces. It features forty mind challenge cards with solutions, twenty shape pieces, card holder, and game-go bag. This is a fun and challenging game for the whole family. The more you win a challenge the more you want to do the next one. So its a little addictive. That is why kids love it. This product is made for kids ages 8 years and up and we gave it three stars for its challenging, creative and addictive values. For more information on these or other Think Fun products check out their website at