Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Toy Reviews


Telestrations is the visual equivalent of the classic school-yard game "telephone." It's a fun-filled sketching game in which everyone's attempts at "art" can turn hilarious. The game starts with a secret word that is passed from player to player. As the word is sketched, interpreted, and then sketched again, it undergoes a visual transformation that will surprise and delight everyone. Designed for players ages 13 and up, Telestrations is sure to be a hit at parties.

Telestrations still keeps Usaopoly at the top of our games list as one of the Best Board game companies out there. We played this game recently at a friends house and we could not put it down after we started to play it. Its so funny how one can draw one thing and 3 to 7 people later it could come out something totally different. Its a more creative version of the old game "telephone". We went to duck to chicken pox in one game or sometimes we got close like rocket ship and it came out flying saucer. So it depends who and how many people you play with that makes this game the amazing game that it is. Its recommended for ages 10 years and up, for 4-8 players and retails for $29.99. We gave this game five stars for its fun, creativity, imaginative and family values. For more information on this game go to

Word on the Street

On each turn, one team flips over a category card. Team members frantically brainstorm words that fit the category while the opposition tries to sidetrack them. The team must agree on a word and pull each letter of that word one lane closer to their side of the street, all before the time runs out. Word on the Street will have you in the fast lane to fun. The first team to get eight letters across the street to their side wins!!!!

We played this game a few weeks ago and was shocked that it was a lot of fun. The name makes it sound a little bleak but when you play the game you see its really a fun game to play with friends/family. One thing Irealized is that its not as easy as it seems, we tried coming up with words that made sense but it dos not always work with the letters they have. This game is recommended for ages We gave this game three stars for its fun, creative and family values.

the chain game
The Quick-Thinking Linking Game, race to say a common phrase using one word from the previous phrase. Keeps the chain going and you keep your links. If the horn blows, the time is up, and you lose a link. The next player reads a new card and the fun continues. The chain game will be the link that brings your friends and family together. Quickly say a phrase that uses either Cat or Fish. House Cat, Fishfry, Catnap, Swordfish will all work! Quick and easy word play for 4 to 8 players. Includes over 200 cards, 36 chain links, and a horn. Improves vocabulary and rewards creative thinking.

We loved this game because of its team and family value. It teaches kids to work together to solve problems and win the game. Its fun to see what weird word combonations the teams come up with to keep the chains going. The more players the more competitive the game gets, but its still lots of fun either way. The kids will love this game because it teaches them how to put words together, or associate one word with another. This game is for kids 12 and up, good for 2-4 players and retails for $24.99. We gave this game four stars for its fun, educational, and family values.

Backseat Drawing

Two teams race to identify drawings done by their own team members. But, the artists don’t know what they are drawing--they can only follow the instructions given by another team member. Laughter erupts as players attempt to follow direction and to guess what is being drawn. With backseat drawing, there's no time to stop and ask directions-- the fun never stops.

This game reminds me of the old TV game show Win,Lose or draw, where celberities would compete with each other in teams to see who is the better at drawing. I loved the concept of the show but not the actual show. The difference between the show and this game is here its like the opposite of the TV game show. The artists or one who is drawing does not know the word/s. The artist here only can do what he is told to help him figure out the answer. We gave this game four stars for its fun, creative, and imagination values. Recommended for ages 12 and up, good for 4-10 players. and retails for $24.99. You can follow up on these or any other games from Out of the Box Games at

Beat the Parents
Imagination Beat the Parents Board Game, find out who’s really the boss in the family - the kids or the parents - as parents are asked questions most kids can answer, and the kids are asked questions most parents can answer. Do the grown-ups know what school Harry Potter attends? Can the kids guess how many C’s are in the word cappuccino? And watch out for the Wild Card spaces: Land on one and you could be sent back or forward on the board. The first player or team to cross the board with all of their tokens wins the game.

This, game is very difficult because most children don't know adult stuff and most adults dont know kids stuff. It was really hard to review this product, even if we did like it, because the game is a little hard for kids to understand. But overall we give this game three stars for its fun and family values.


Have outrageous fun with your friends and family playing Quelf, the board game where you'll use your creativity, wit and humor in ways you've never imagined. Whether you're answering hilarious trivia, performing ridiculous stunts or obeying silly rules, you'll be hard pressed to find a more unpredictably fun and exciting party game! But the outcome of Quelf is anything but simple. As you move around the gameboard, crazy things start to happen. Players start talking weirdly. Your friend's face is wrapped in toilet paper. Your mom is talking like Dracula with her thumb on her forehead. You're sitting underneath the kitchen table until someone rolls a "4". And when the dust settles, the laughing finally stops and someone crawls away the winner, you realize you've never had this much fun playing a board game in your life!

This game was so much fun we could not put it down once we started, Its one of those games you will tell your friends about and that the next week everyone should have one. We gave this game three and a half stars for its fun, family and creativity values. Recommended for ages 13 and up, for 3-8 players and retails for $25.00. For these games and others like them go to their website at

Truth be Told

Truth Be Told is a laugh out loud, pretend to know your friends game. A player reads a card aloud, and that player answers truthfully, while all other players bluff, trying to answer as the card holder would. All of the answers are read aloud, and players choose the answer they think the card reader wrote. Points are awarded for correctly identifying the card reader's answer. Points are also scored by bluffing players if their answers are voted for.

This game is another one of those bluffing games out there and is only fun if you have a lot of players. The more players you have playing the game the crazier it can get so go ahead make a party, I dare you!!!!! We gave this game four stars for its fun, creative and imaginative values. We recommend this games for ages 14 and up and its good for 3-8 players and retails for $24.00-$30.00. For this game and others from Buffalo games look at their website at

Stix and Stones
Stix and Stones - A prehistoric picture-making race. Use sticks and stones to convey specific words-caveman style. Perfect for mixed-age groups, children and adults, single or team play. No drawing skills required. Players roll to bid on how many pieces their team will use to make the assigned picture from the challenge card. The lowest bidder has to build the image with the fewest number of sticks and stones. The team who correctly guesses the picture before time runs out scores points to win.

This is just another take on all the pictionary type games out there where one has to draw or sculpt a picture and others have to guess what it is. We love the fact that its not your average way of doing it and even more that its sticks and stones like caveman. So we give this product five stars for its unique fun, creative and imaginative values.For 2 or more players or teams.and recommended for ages 7 and up and retails for $24.99.

Hot Dotz jr Cards and Ace the Talking Dog Pens

36 colorfully illustrated doubled-sided cards provide 72 early learning activities for shape identification, matching, and vocabulary, plus answer key. A great way to get ready for school! And the pen talks, glows and makes fun sounds with slim line design. Use with other hot dots cards or books and provides immediate feedback. This amazing new Hot Dots Pen talks, glows bigger and brighter, and makes more of the fun sounds kids love. You select what you want to hear: cool phrases, wild sound effects, or both! Plus, the new slimline design makes it easy to use. Uses 2 "AAA" batteries, not included.

Kids love these products because of the shape of the pen like a dog and the sounds it makes. Kids love products that interact with them, that make sounds, light up talk and etc.So kids loved this product but parents love it too. One parent said "that she loved this product because it taught her kids how to learn in a cute and fun way." So we give this product 4 stars for its fun, creative and educational values. Its recommendedfor ages four and up and retails from $9.99 and up for pens and boxed sets of Hot Dotz. For these products and other fun products from Eductional Insights look at their website at